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During tax time each year we look for tools that add value to the tedious and sometimes complex task of managing all required IRS paperwork in order to maximize deductions. The Aviation PerDiem company created the first per-diem management app available on the iPhone and iPad back in 2008. We offer an affordable and easy way to log your overnight and expense activity with your iPhone, Android, tablet or personal computer. This product is perfect for the commercial pilot, flight attendant or anyone operating under Department of Transportation rules.  The interface is optimized for overnights near an airport.  Simply input the familiar 3 or 4 character ICAO or ATA airport code and the app stores the maximum overnight deduction available.  At tax time print out the report loaded with details specific to each overnight destination. This report was vetted by an IRS audit attorney who defends clients employed in the transportation industry operating under DOT rules.  avPerDiem has received praise from many tax professionals, pilots and flight attendants who use the app and web interface regularly.  We hope you will give us a try. 

"Show me the money"

The most important question is, "Will keeping track of my perdiem actually put money in my pocket at the end of the year".  read more...

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The 2008 tax year is free and although far beyond the amendable date for your taxes, it is fully functional using actual data.   Take it out for a test drive and see how the software works before comitting to a purchase.  Each year the maximum federal perdiem amounts change for the thousands of locations around the world.  The International destinations are updated every month and avPerDiem.com strives to keep that tedious process simple so all you have to do is enter the overnight city to over 43,000 airports worldwide.  Click here to give it a try