Current Version: avPerDiem v5.5.3

v5.5.3 - April 2015

Fixed issue with registration screen and password reset always taking you back to main screen 


Introduces the following features:

1. Ability to purchase a year directly from the app via the iTunes store.  Price is more than through due to Apple's 30% app store charge.

2. Alternatively send report using your own email server to help in cases where spam filters block the report from the avPerDiem servers.


Introduces the following features:

1. Jump directly to the current day, yesterday or just the current month without going through year->month->day each time.
2. See the report in the app, not just email
3. Add notes to any day
4. No longer fixed in portrait mode
5. Quirky server errors should be fixed
6. Navigation verbiage clearer
7. Font Size Control

v4.0 (avPerDiem+) - please note the new version of the app is FREE and it has a + (plus) sign after the name in the app store.

This version is now tightly integrated with the website.  Everything is always live and in sync with all devices running v4.0 or better and the website.  If you make a change (add, delete or change a city) on any devices running v4.0 or from the website, the change will be immediately available on all other devices or logins from a browser.

v3.2 (avPerDiem)

It is recommend you upgrade to v4.0 it corrects the problems associated with v3.2 and older.